Awarded Undergraduate

Chimera Commision 

- University of York (UK) July 2016

Commissioned by the Late Music Ensemble

-LME devise..realise 2017

Awarded WRoCAH scholarship

-University of York 2017

Awarded Best Audio

-York Global GameJam 2016

AMOK Commision

- Composer/Curator Scheme funded by Sound and Music  2019

Catherine Robson (1995) is an internationally renowned composer from Gateshead. By the age of 21 her works her works had already been performed worldwide; at festivals such as FIME - Festival Internacional de Música Experimental in São Paulo, Audio Rebel in Rio De Janeiro, Shanghai's New Music Week and Crossroads Festival in Salzburg. 


In 2017, after completing her undergraduate degree (First Class) she
received the highly competitive WRoCAH scholarship for her Masters at
the University of York for which she received a Distinction for in 2018.


Over these last few years, her research has
focused closely around the exploration of folk as an intrinsic
metaphor to social political struggles. But in her most recent
compositions, these interests have started to branch into other foci,
including the spatial manipulation of sound and an intense research, developing a new notation system for string instruments. A detailed graphic system which aims to precisely define bow speed and pressure in relative time, without the complication of multi-stave notation which limits sight-reading ability. 

This perversive attitude to pushing boundaries and writing ambitious works has lead to commissions from performers such as JVLMA, Sylvia Hinz, AMOK and LateMusic Ensemble.